Our Provenance

Men are like wine - some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.
Pope John XXIII

TGV takes the provenance of our wine seriously. We want to ensure you receive your wine in the best condition and let it continue to age gracefully in your cellar. Or if you prefer, enjoy it immediately!

While we keep our wines under temperature control storage and take equally great care in delivery, we however cannot guarantee the quality of the wine. Before delivery we will visually inspect the bottle. Where there is no visible damage to the bottle and the wine fills at least the top shoulder, this will suggest excellent provenance especially for older vintage. We will not be able to provide further assurance beyond visual inspection. The information and tasting notes provided in our website are meant to serve as a guide and do not indicate assurance of quality or expectations.


Placing Orders

Please note that all submitted wine orders to TGV will only be finalised after we have confirmed stock availability. In addition, should the wines not pass our visual inspection, we will not deliver the wines and proceed to cancel the finalised order and refund you (if payment has already been made to us).

Once you have accepted delivery of our wines, we are unable to accept rejection and refund.

1. To order the wines you fancy, simply fill up the enquiry form or drop us a mail at info@thegrapevinery.com and let us know:
i) Wine vintage and quantity;
ii) Contact details;
iii) Payment mode; and
iv) Preferred delivery date and time.

2. As for payment, you may choose either:
- Cash on delivery; or
- Bank transfer prior to delivery 

Bank: United Overseas Bank Limited

Account Number: 7013673415


Bank Address: 80 Raffles Place Singapore 048624

 3. We will contact you to confirm details of order and delivery.


TGV will deliver the wine to you. Weekends may be possible if you say so!

We charge a nominal fee of S$20 for small orders. However, we are pleased to provide complimentary delivery for an order above S$500.

We are absolutely fine to hold your order for you to accumulate purchases for a month to enjoy complimentary delivery. No one likes to pay for incidental charges and so we understand if you loathe to pay for delivery!​​