The elation when we hit on a good wine that we can enjoy the bouquet as we nose it and the elegance of taste as we swirl it in our mouth…like-minded friends will know this feeling! A good wine that you can call it your own, and would want to build up a collection and cellar it, that discovery is very precious.

We wish to share our passion and extend the merry to you. We have carefully selected fine wine which we are able to source with reasonable cost and bringing them to you at value price. We will not do mass bang wines just so for business. And neither will we offer wines where the price does not make sense to you.

Enjoy our wines, and most importantly build up the good memorable feelings! Cheers!!​​

​Our Story

Wine, a marvellous creation that can evoke an abundance of good feelings on any occasion when you have it with your companions or even if you are to savour it alone!

We are a small group of wine enthusiasts who have long appreciated the taste of wine.  Over the years, we have tried wines of different pedigrees from various vineyards of major wine producing countries. We have had a lot of fun as we embarked on the journey to discover the elegance of different wines and figure out what suits our palate.